Loose Tea Bags

Fairtrade English Breakfast One Cup Tea Bags 1x440

Code: 2130

A bright and robust tea that delivers a full bodied flavour, great for your first cup and all throug..

PG Tips One Cup Pyramid Tea Bags 1x1100

Code: 2120

Pyramid bags give the tea leaves room to breathe so you can get even more out of the great PG tips f..

Yorkshire Tea Two Cup Tea Bags 1x1040

Code: 2121

A proper brew. Pure and simple. To give this blend its refreshing flavour, strength and colour top q..

Tetley One Cup Tea Bags 2x1100

Code: 2110

Tetleys unique blend has 3 main components: Assam from india for body and strength, African for the ..

Tetley One Cup Decaf Tea Bags 1x160

Code: 2125

A tea with all the taste of Tetley but without the caffeine...

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