Vending Chocolate

Van Houten Dream Choco VH10 Vending Pack 10x1kg

Code: 3002

Powdered drinking chocolate for machine use, a mild and milky chocolate treat with a delightful foam..

Van Houten Fairtrade Dream Choco Vending 10x1kg

Code: 3000

Powdered drinking chocolate for machine use, this harmonious combination of Fairtrade cocoa powder a..

Van Houten Choco Passion 33 percent Cocoa Vending 10x750g

Code: 3003

A voluptuous, Italian style hot chocolate, 33% cocoa and the rich texture of melted chocolate availa..

Van Houten 50 percent Less Sugar Dream Choc Vending 10x750g

Code: 3004

Powdered drinking chocolate for machine use with 50% less sugar and 24% cocoa. The rich taste of coc..

Le Royal Choco Blue Vending Chocolate 10x1kg

Code: 3005

Le Royal Choco Blue is a classic cocoa drink. It has a harmonious taste of cocoa and sugar and is a ..

Caprimo Crème Brûlée 10x1kg

Code: 3019

Experience a new flavour sensation! The Caprimo Crème Brûlée captures all the delightful flavours o..

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